Sunday, January 4, 2009

Blog start Eva-Jean

My little sister Sarah (you know your old when...) helped me start this blog. It seems everyone has one of these nowdays. So, if your interested, let me tell you about 2008.

Eva-Jean turned eight December 21. She was baptised on January 3, 2009. I felt very lucky that so many people wanted to be a part of this joyous occassion. At the Stake baptism, she had two of her classmates from another ward get baptised on at the same time. Since she is now 8, she gets to start going to activity days with the other girls in the ward. Even though she is the only one in the ward to go to her school, she really has good friendships going with the girls from church.

In the Christmas concert at her school, the teacher was going to cancel the solos because she couldn't find enough third graders. She decided to see if any of the second graders would be able to do it, and Eva-Jean got the part. One of the songs at the concert that was her favorite was "It's a Perfect Winter's Day" and when Christmas break started we had a few of those here in Boise. I really got to hear that song over and over. She is actually very good at singing. This year one of the family goals (that I made) was to join the choir at church.

She is really enjoying this year of school.

Eva-Jean also spent a week in the hospital in November, the only comfortable bed in a hospital is the one the patient is in.

After we move I will detail Ian's life.